swimming fish

Custom Aquariums

We can have aquariums of any size constructed to your exact specifications in either acrylic or glass.

Cabinets and hoods can also be constructed to house your fishes new or old home.

They can be built in a number of finishes to compliment your home furnishings or bring life to your old tank.

Aquariums can be constructed with holes in a number of diameters for inlets, outlets and overflows. They can have vinyl coated back and sides in blue or black with matching built in weirs. We can also fit a selection of 3D back grounds during the construction stage to give your tank an incredible natural look. (only available in certain sizes )

Glass tanks can be constructed in a choice of black or clear silicone, black silicone is a popular choice as it doesn’t show algae growth as much.

Aquarium finishes

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