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We can offer a wide range of services for your aquarium and if it’s not here let us know and we may be able to help.


Whether you already have an aquarium or you’re about to there’s no doubt you will need to maintain it, So we can offer a one off clean or a regular service (usually 4 weekly) which will ensure your tank always looks clean, tidy and any problems can normally be avoided. The health of the aquarium and its inhabitants depends heavily on the quality of its water and the maintenance of the equipment. A regular service deals with all of these, including gravel cleaning, partial water change, surface cleaning, checking the equipment, servicing the filter, treating the water and fish accordingly.

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If your aquarium is looking tired and you wish it to look different, new or vibrant yet again. We can completely remodel and rescape it to your requirements. From artificial to real plants, changing the rocks or even changing from fresh water to a marine aquarium, anything is possible there are just two limitations your budget and your imagination.

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We can source your chosen fish or plants from a selected number of carefully chosen stockists to liven up your aquarium or if you wish we can do a site visit to simply give advice to help you make your choice. ( a pre check on the health and suitability of the aquarium will be made before sourcing any live stock)

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We can normally repair most equipment as we carry a large range of spares in stock if not we should be able to source a part from our many suppliers, but sometimes it’s not always cost efficient and will always give you the option and a choice of up to date replacements which are sometimes more economical and more effective.


Modern technology and design improvements have supplied us with a number products which can save us all a lot of time effort and energy. So with the cost of electricity ever increasing and us all having hectic lifestyles it’s an opportunity to save some money, time and enable us to enjoy more time appreciating our hobby. We can offer advice and make improvements for you to make your tank healthier, more efficient, and generally happier.


If you are moving home, just around the corner or to the other side of the UK we can transport you equipment, fish and their home to your new home safely and swiftly. Alternatively if you just want to change the position or the room in which your tank is in we can help.


We can offer aquariums for long term rental ( minimum 24 months) in your home or business including all livestock, food and servicing all you have to do is feed them. We can also offer short term rentals for business’s or exhibitions why not increase your profile or attract new business with a striking aquarium maybe we could design one especially, incorporating your logo, corporate colours, style or even product.

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